The Card Cash Mini Wallet Zipper Tutorial

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This tutorial will help you add a zipper closure to the main compartment to the mini wallet. It also shows the addition of zipper pocket to the back panel to carry coins.

Follow the steps in the Card Cash Mini Wallet Pattern for the construction of the flap and the front panel with card slots. Insert the magnetic snap. You will end up with flap and front panels as shown in the picture below. 

Since we are adding a zipper closure to the main compartment, I have moved the swivel clasp / D-ring tab to the side of the front panel.

Now align the center of the top edge of the flap with the center of the top edge of the front panel. Pin or clip in place and baste as shown in the pictures below.


Now, to add the zipper pocket to the back panel. Cut two pocket pieces (fabric only) of size 5.75" (W) x 4.5" (H). I did not add interfacing to these pieces as I did not want to add  to the bulk of the wallet. I would suggest using thicker fabrics like canvas or drill. If you are using thin fabric, make sure to interface it with light weight interfacing.

On one of the pocket pieces on the wrong side, draw a rectangle that is 3/4" from the top edge and from either side edges of the pocket piece. The rectangle measures 1/2" in height and 4.25" in width. Draw a line at the center of the rectangle leaving 1/2" on either sides. Connect the center line to the corners of the rectangle on either side as shown in the below picture.

 Sew on the rectangle. Make sure to back stitch at the beginning and the end. Cut through the center line and on the triangles on either side to make opening to turn the pocket right side out as shown in the pictures below. Make sure not to snip into the seams. 


Turn the pocket piece right side out through the opening and press well. It should look like the one shown in the picture below.

Now take a 5" long zipper and pin it to the opening and sew it in place as shown in the pictures below.


This is how it looks on the wrong side. Trim the extra zipper on either ends so that it doesn't get caught in the seams.

Now keep both the pocket pieces right sides together (as shown in the picture below). Sew on all the four sides using a 1/4" seam allowance.


You will now have a front panel with card slots and the flap and a back panel with a zipper pocket. take a zipper that is 5.25". Take two interfaced fabric tabs. Each tab is the same width as your zipper and 2.5" in length. 

Sew one tab to one end of the zipper such that the zipper and tab are right sides together. Flip the tab and top stitch as shown in the picture below. Repeat the same steps to sew the other tab to the other zipper end.


Mark the center of the top edges of back panel and one of the lining pieces and also mark the center of the zipper. Lay the lining piece right side facing up. Then lay the zipper on top with its right side facing up and aligning with the top edge of the lining.Now lay the back panel on top of the zipper with the wrong side facing up. Make sure that the centers of the lining, zipper and the back panels are aligned. Pin or clip in place as shown below.

Sew with a 1/4" seam allowance. Flip the panels such that the back and lining panels are touching wrong sides together and top stitch.


Trim the extra tab extending out so that everything is in line as shown in the picture below.

Now sew the front and other lining panel to the other open edge of the zipper following the same steps as stated above. When top stitching, I moved the flap to the other side so the top stitching is seen under the flap.

Now open the zipper to its full length and lay the panels such that the front and back panels are right side together and the lining panels are right sides together as shown below. Make sure the zipper tabs are facing the exterior panels ( front and back panels ).

Pin and sew all around leaving a gap of 3" on the bottom edge of the lining to turn the wallet right side out. Clip the corners and trim the bulk on the sides.

Turn the wallet right side out through the opening in the lining. Poke the corners out and edge stitch the opening in the lining close.

Give a nice press once done. Flaunt your wallet ! 

NOTE: This tutorial is an add-on to the main pattern ( link for the pattern is given at the beginning of the post). The pattern contains measurements and pattern pieces to help you put the wallet together.

Hope this tutorial was useful. Please leave your questions and feedback in the comments below.




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  • This is a cute little wallet, and the addition of zip pockets makes it an awesome little wallet! Thank you!

    Elizabeth on
  • Perfect!!! Thank you!

    Lorraine on

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